Iconic Game Review

Iconic is the newest trivia game to climb its way up the charts. From the developers, Flow Studio a.s, comes Iconic – Guess The Name From Picture Icons. In the game you will be deciphering different hand-drawn icons from a wide variety of categories. The images featured will relate to everything pop culture. If you think you are well versed in pop culture topics, download Iconic and start testing your knowledge. The game is available for free download on all iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. If you have played other trivia games, you will already have the basic gameplay down.

In this game you will be given an assortment of icons that represent an image relating to a category. Currently there are three different categories that relate to pop culture- music, movies, and people. For example, you may be given an image with five stick figures holding a surfboard. Below it, you will find dots representing the word or words that you need to guess and 20 different letters for you to choose from to fill in the words: The Beach Boys.
Iconic’s use of original icons makes the game much more fun and challenging. If you are having trouble determining what the icon or icons represent, the game offers your hints. For 15 coins, you can reveal a letter in the word or remove letters from the letter bank. For 30 coins, you can have the level solved for you. However, these coins will be taken from your hard-earned work guessing the other levels correctly. If you don’t want to waste your coins, check out all of the Iconic answers and cheats right here.

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