Trivia Crack Answers and Cheats

We know that you love playing What’s the Saying. If you love What’s the Saying, you’re sure to love Trivia Crack as well. Trivia Crack is one of the top apps right now and everyone is playing it. Trivia Crack is made by Etermax and it’s available on all your devices. You can download Trivia Crack on any Android or iOS devices. Some of the questions on Trivia Crack can be really tough. If you need help, check out Trivia Crack Answers.

Trivia Crack has six different categories of trivia questions. The categories are art, entertainment, history, geography, science and sports. Log in with Facebook or your email to play your friends or another player. If you answer three questions in a category correctly, you’ll be given a character to match the category. Get all six to win the round. Be careful though, the person you’re playing can steal characters from you!

You only have so long to answer each question in a round, so you should be sure to check out Trivia Crack answers before you get stuck. Each question is multiple choice — you have four options and have to choose the correct one. Trivia Crack Answers is sure to help you out if you get stuck on any question. Download Trivia Crack, check out the website and get cracking!

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